artist statement

My sculptures and paintings are informed by the Bauhausian ideal 

of creating total works of art in which all the arts, including architecture 

and design, exist on equal footing, and as Walter Gropius proclaimed, 

“without class snobbery”.

Personal remembrances, architecture, travel, music, and technology, are 

incorporated into my studio process. Trusting chance, intuition, and the

materials at hand to inform my work, I actively draw, construct, and

paint what I perceive in my mind’s eye to create art “of the moment”. 

I choose not to do preliminary sketches so I can work out any problems

I may encounter at the instant they present themselves. I strive to 

disengage from any decorative embellishment while incorporating 

color and composition harmoniously. Life experience has taught me 

that perceived problems will be resolved as long as I stay fully engaged 

in conversation, which, in turn, informs the physical manifestation of the art.



New York, New York