artist statement

Reflections, both literal and emotional, inform my work through personal remembrances and contemplation of space and time. 

Based in New York City, my paintings and sculptural assemblages combine mediums to create work that is both abstract and harmonious. My work continues to be informed by the Bauhaus’ fundamental theory of creating total works of art in which all the 

arts, including architecture and design, exist on equal footing, without “class” snobbery. My work encompasses a broad color spectrum, and continues to evolve. I actively choose not to sketch before beginning new work, but I trust chance, intuition, 

and the materials at hand to engage in conversation with the work 

of art.  Like life itself, creating art is a gift I honor by daily practice, and as long as I stay fully engaged in the moment, let go of control, and walk through fear, I live in the flow of creation.


New York, New York